SharePoint Conference 09, Bangkok and Sketchflow

This is my first blog post since February which is rubbish but I’ve been so busy with work and stuff in my personal life like getting married I just haven’t had the time.

I’ve been working on a pretty big Web Content Management system for a large company which I can’t say much about at the moment as it’s under wraps but I’ve been learning a lot of useful stuff developing this solution and increased my skills around SharePoint especially in the WCM area so will hopefully be blogging some more SharePoint stuff soon.

I registered to attend the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 09 in Vegas so looking forward to that and I’m off to Bangkok next week to do some work I’ve just come back from Barbados for our honeymoon so I’m doing a lot of travelling this year which is all good to me.

I attended the London DotNet User group meeting last week at which the infamous Scott Guthrie did a talk on Silverlight and showed us some new features of Silverlight 3. He also showed us a new product which looks like it’s coming with the next version of the Expression Suite called Sketch Flow. Sketch Flow basically allows you to quickly mock up UI’s and allows you to obtain feedback from clients and customers then allows you to turn this mock up into a real Silverlight application. It looks quite useful and I look forward to trying it out myself.

Anyway hope to be blogging some new technical articles in the near future and you can always follow my tweets at