New Gadget: Sony eBook Reader PRS-505S

Often I need to carry around large reference books for work which means lugging around 600 pages of SharePoint information in my backpack every day. I’ve been wanting to try out an eBook reader for a while so started to look around the web for the best one.

I came across the Sony PRS-505S and read some good reviews on it, so decided to take the plunge and order one. I eventually ordered from the Waterstones online store which had the best price at £194.

The device turned up two days later and I must say first impressions were good, it was stylish, lightweight and felt solid. I installed the Sony Library application which incidentally is a Windows only application and there is no support for Mac as far as I know. Not a problem I just installed it on my Vista VM and headed over to

I am currently studying for a SharePoint MCTS exam so wanted to download the study guide as an eBook and had the book for $49.99. Currently I think eBooks are quite expensive and for these devices to take off they need to come down in price quite a bit I think, when they do I think this is definitely the mainstream future for reading books.

The Sony Reader uses e-ink technology and this makes reading on the device a very pleasurable experience I would go so far as to say even better than reading actual paper. It also takes SD cards and supports SD HC so I stuck in an 8GB card which worked perfectly and give me the potential to store thousands of books.

The device doesn’t have a backlit display so reading in the dark may be a problem but overall I am very pleased and can now leave the big heavy books at home which should help me to avoid back trouble in the future.