Best Intranets of 2009 show dramatic increase in the use of SharePoint.

I read an article today over at which details the 10 best intranets of 2009 (or should that be 2008?).

The article had an interesting excerpt which outlines the growing use of SharePoint in the top intranet sites and especially the growth in the use of MOSS 2007.

In total, the 10 winners were built on 26 different products — substantially fewer than the 41 used in 2008 or the 49 used in 2007. Most impressively, fully half of the winning intranets used SharePoint, especially the recent MOSS platform (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007). As the following chart shows, SharePoint use has grown dramatically in recent years. This is particularly impressive given that, from 2003–2006, the winning intranets didn’t use earlier versions of SharePoint at all.

Here is a graph from the article which shows the growth in the use of SharePoint within the winning group of intranet sites.

As you can see up until 2007 none of the winning sites were using any form of SharePoint at all.

Go check out the article it’s a good read and shows that MOSS development and SharePoint knowledge in general is a good skill to have in today’s market.