Updated on study, course S104 Exploring Science

So as in my previous post I stated that I was undertaking a BSc in Maths and Physics. I am probably just under a quarter of the way through my study for the module S104 entitled Exploring Science and I feel like jotting down this update to summerise my study so far.

I have now completed two assignments; TMA01 and TMA02 and  I have received my results for TMA01 in which I received a 73% mark.

Looking through my tutors comments its clear that I was a little lazy with my math calculations and made silly mistakes leaving off units from workings out and misinterpreting a question or two. Overall I am happy with that mark and I think my tutors comments are fair.

I am yet to receive any feedback for TMA02 as I only just submitted and it’s not due until Wednesday.

The first two books in my study were entitled “Global Warming” and “Earth and Space”, the first book and assignment covered a lot of geology and introduced the water and carbon cycles and how they affect the global mean surface temperature.  It showed how humans are affecting the planets surface temperature and how anthropomorphic carbon in the atmosphere has increased since the industrial revolution. The course material attributes global warming to effects although this is still a controversial subject and there are counter arguments to global warming.

I found this video which says that the media and the IPCC only show us some of the picture and there are other causes for global warming that outweigh the anthropomorphic effect, like the solar constant.

Book 2 builds on the knowledge from book 1 and introduced distances in space, orbits of the planets and Newton’s laws of motion.

I have started my study of book 3 entitled “Energy and light” and I’m enjoying this one more than the others as it has more involved maths and starts to get down deeper into algebra.  It introduces some calculations in relation to working out the energy involved in motion and this is the stuff I find interesting and the reason I wanted to study this course in teh first place.

I’m managing to stay on top of studying so far and haven’t fallen behind on anything, although the pace is quite fast and I think I need to adjust to that to make sure I stay on top of things in the future.