How to use Office UI Fabric in your Web Applications

The Office UI Fabric framework is a easy to use UI framework that provides you with CSS and JavaScript components allowing you to style your web applications, making them seamlessly integrate with the Office 365 and SharePoint Online user experience.

You can fine out more at on the Office UI Fabric site and you can visit the Office UI JS GitHub site here to find out how to use the JavaScript components.

In my video here I show a quick demo of how to include the components in your own web application.

Update for 2010

Well it’s March already and this is my first blog post of 2010. I’ve not felt like blogging much lately and instead have been focusing more on using my Twitter account to communicate. I have also started a fan page on Facebook for my company which I use to post up some interesting links for SharePoint and development in general.

I’m working on building a new company website based around SharePoint 2010 and want to integrate this blog onto that site in the near future hopefully so once that is completed I will be trying to blog some more technical articles based around SharePoint 2010 and .Net development in general.

At the moment I’m mostly working on building some WCM and ECM SharePoint sites and haven’t had much chance to work with the new .Net 4.0 stuff much, but I’m planning on moving some sites over to .Net 4.0 and using MVC 2, WCF Data Services and Entity Framework so I’ll blog about that when the time comes.

I am booked on a couple of conferences/events in the coming months. I’m attending the Microsoft UK TechDays events in London and also the SharePoint Evolution conference so looking forward to those.

Hopefully be blogging some more technical stuff in the coming weeks.