Welcome to my blog, I am a software developer and technical architect specialising in Microsoft enterprise solutions such as building solutions for SharePoint Server and applications on the .Net framework. I have a keen interest in all kinds of software development and try to share my findings and ideas through this blog.

Outside software development I am a keen runner, enjoy road cycling and mountain biking, and I love reading books, especially about maths or physics.

Hope you enjoy what you read.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi
    my name is subrahmanyam from india, city bangalore. i worked as a programmer in visual basic 6.0. Present i am working in .net. I want to share knowledge with u. U r way of presentation is very nice in u r cv.

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    i would also invite you to visit my website. thanks for your time and consideration.

    –ravi nangunoori

  3. hi sir,

    can i know how we will use polymorphism in webpart development in Sharepoint ?..plz reply me urgent…

  4. Lee, most impressive blog. I’m augmenting the existing team of a leading UK sharepoint consultancy and wanted to find out if you’d be interested at the minute. I presume that you’re booked up with your consultancy work, but it’s always worth asking. All the best, Fergus.

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