Passed the BCS Foundation Certificate in Systems Development exam.

I have been a professional member of the British Computer Society for years now and I recently started to take a look at what exams they offer. I noticed they did a foundation certificate in systems development exam which looked like from the website that you could self study using a book.

I wanted to give a BCS exam a try but I didn’t want to pay out for expensive training courses and take time off work. Looking at the exam description page they referenced the BCS book titled Developing Information Systems bcsbook

I bought the book and started reading and studying the material. To my surprise the material in the book was reasonably up to date with modern software development practices and went into most aspects of formal systems development models around today and gave a nice history of where these practices came from.

The book covered the full systems development life-cycle from requirements engineering to business analysis to software development methodologies.

The exam itself was a 40 question exam and the book definitely covers enough for you to easily pass the exam and if you already have a lot of software development experience then most of the material will be pretty familiar to you.

All in all the exam is probably worth doing as the book is worth a read especially if you are new to the industry.  I booked my exam through Pearson Vue which can be accessed from the BCS website.

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