Visual Studio 14 CTP released as Azure VM image

So Microsoft have release a CTP of their next iteration of Visual Studio which is currently name version 14 (as always with Microsoft skipping version 13).

If you have a Azure account you can create a new VM image containing the latest version of the VS 14 CTP directly from the gallery.


There are some great resources to help you get up to speed with the new features of the IDE and I have linked to them below.

First check out the This week on Channel 9 show 

Then head over to Soma Somasegar’s blog post covering some nice new features with C# refactoring and ASP.Net vNext that will be included in the next version.

Finally you can read through the official release notes here


One final note, I provisioned a VS 14 CTP image in my Azure account and was trying out some of the new C# refactoring features from Soma’s blog post but I wasn’t able to completely recreate what was shown.

On Soma’s post he showed an  “Introduce local for..” feature on the refactorings list when highlighting a local variable, as shown below.

roslynrefacHowever when I tried to emulate this I only got the following refactoring options











So I’m not sure what I am doing wrong or there is a discrepancy with the version I am running but if you are interested in seeing what’s coming in the next version of Visual Studio then do go and check out the resources above.


Found what I was doing wrong with the refactoring, you need to select both the variable and the string to see the “Introduce local” feature. Makes sense really.



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