Study update, S104 TMA’s are over.

So finally I have come to the end of the continuous assessment phase of S104 and I must admit I struggled with keeping pace with the deadlines.  I managed to hand in all TMA’s but sadly the last couple were lacking in thoroughness and some questions were left out due to time constraints.

Never the less I ended up with a overall continuous assessment score of 72.2% which I am happy with considering, and more than covers the 40% needed.

If there was any advice I would give for this course is to make sure you NEVER fall behind with the material, if you do the only way back is marathon study sessions which compromise your actual learning of the material.

Overall I didn’t find the material hard on the course, the maths is pretty basic and the concepts are easy enough to understand with enough time dedicated to them, what I did find hard was managing my time effectively and making sure I gave myself enough time with each concept.

I have really enjoyed the course, it covers alot of material and felt I would like to have had more time with certain subjects but overall I learned a hell of alot during the course.

Now time to knuckle down with revision and try to consolidate everything I need to know for the exam.

I have also registered on my next course which is MST124 Essential Mathematics, so I will be spending the summer getting up to speed with calculus mostly, fun times ahead.

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