Converted to a standing desk.

So standing desks have been around for a while now, I wanted to give it a go mainly for health reasons but didn’t want to fork out £1000 of pounds for dedicated equipment, so I measured up an old Ikea coffee table I had lying around and managed to cobble together something useful.

I have been suffering from some small back niggles here and there, this may have been caused by exercise like weight lifting or cycling but when I sit down at my desk to work or study, after an hour or so the small niggles seem to get worse and I generally feel bad.  I also find I feel alot more bloated after sitting at my desk for a while.

These reasons coupled with the fact that my office chair is very old and I would need to replace it soon meant that it was never a better time to give standing at my desk a shot.

Below are some images of my desk as it is currently. I have ordered a fatigue mat, just to ease the pain from the soles of my feet.

Lets see if I gain any benefits from standing all day. Unfortunately my client doesn’t have standing desks so the days I am in the clients office I will still be sitting.

2014-04-15 11.23.17 2014-04-15 11.23.26

3 thoughts on “Converted to a standing desk.

  1. Bravo! I’ve been doing this for about 8 months now. I too made my desk from IKEA parts, and I think it cost a total of $120 (had the book case already). You can see a picture of it here: You’ll have a hard time the first few days, but your body gets used to it.

  2. I completely agree you. Spending £1000 on a standing desk does not make any sense. I have also created a DIY adjustable standing desk just at $50. The process was very simple; I took few types of equipment and install them on my shelf. I also had some health issues due to which I converted to a standup desk. And now I am feeling good and healthy.

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