SharePoint Conference 2014 Keynote

As the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 happened last week I just wanted to post a link to the keynote video and outline a few things that were demoed during the keynote.

You can watch the video here:


Office 365

The first thing that was demoed was the updates to Office365 and the introduction of Groups. Groups do what they suggest and allow you to create a group on Office365 with a related Yammer feed, document library and other features to allow collaboration of a group of individuals.

Next a new Windows 8 app named “Oslo” was demoed which uses a new technology named “Office Graph” that uses machine learning to find information around Outlook, SharePoint Exchange, Lync and Yammer content and shows a feed of information that is most related to you, or which you might be most interested in. It also shows you how information is related to you and why you might be interested in it, plus a natural language search feature that allows users to access information and people quickly and efficiently.

The next update shown was a new Office365 video portal built on SharePoint Online and powered by Azure. It allows users to discover and manage video content, a bit like YouTube for the enterprise.

Next demo was some of the visualization and graphing features of the new Power BI for Excel on Office365, showing powerful data analytic capabilities built in to the product.


Jeff Teper annouced a new open source Android SDK for Office 365 that allows developers to access data from Office 365 including SharePoint files and Exchange calendars and create applications based around that data.

Arpan Shah demoed of the idea of “Contextual Apps” which are applications that are designed to work within the context of your normal business workflow. For example, he showed us a SharePoint list with a workflow that represented a business process, from which he could insert into, straight from the context of an email within the Outlook client. The integration is all done by calling into the Office 365 API and retrieving and updating information and displaying it right within the email context.  He then demoed the same SharePoint list integration but this time within the context of a mobile application on a Windows phone and an Android tablet.

IT Pros

Jeff Teper announced that there will indeed be another SharePoint and Exchange on premise release in 2015 alongside the new versions of Office 365.

Next was an outline of some of the metrics around Office 365 including the fact that it is now up to 250,000 requests per second, 400,000 cores and 400 PBs of storage and growing.

The keynote rounded off with a demo of some improved compliance features and the addition of multi-factor authentication on Office 365.

This was just a quick outline of the stuff discussed in the keynote, check out the video for the full length version.

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