Study update, TMA02 result

2013-12-09 11.31.35Following on from my previous post about TMA01 for course S104 I have just received my mark for TMA02 assignment.

I received a mark of 76% for this assignment and looking through my tutors comments this seems fair to me.  I again made silly mistakes with my calculations the most prolific one being not including the equations I am going to use in my calculations.  The actual calculations and answers were correct but I didn’t show enough working out which lost me a lot of marks.

For example when working out an equation for a gradient although I correctly included my workings out I forgot to state at the beginning of the calculation that I am going to use the equation:

gradient = rise ÷ run

So this lost me marks for nearly every calculation I did.

Overall I felt I understood every single bit of the material and I didn’t struggle with any of it so I happy with that, I just need to polish my assignments with a little more detail.

TMA02 was based mostly on book 2 which was split between study of the Earth’s geology including it’s interior and Newton’s laws of motion and how to calculate magnitude of force and acceleration (F = ma).

Onto book 3 and drafting up TMA03 assignment, the story continues…

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