Developing with Visual Studio 2013 on an iPad using Windows Azure

I wanted to do this screen-cast to show how easy it is to provision a Windows VM on Azure and to show how you can then use that VM to develop applications using a tablet specifically in this case an iPad.

You can essentially RDP into your provisioned VM and start using the iPad to write .Net applications in Visual Studio. Now I know this isn’t the most ideal setup, for one the iPad doesn’t have a mouse so you need your Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts more than ever, but this does come in handy when out and about without your development laptop or just want to test something out on your tablet device.

One thing to note is to always shut down your VM when you are finished otherwise the cost piles up and you end up with a massive Azure bill.  Andrew Connell has a product that will automate the shutdown of VMs over at

2013-12-08 17.37.15

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