Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio online content.

We have recently started using Visual Studio 2013 for our projects at my current client and I have been watching videos from the launch event and also getting up to speed with the new Visual Studio Online features.

Anyone who took a look at the Napa feature of SharePoint Online will be familiar with the browser based development environment you can use to customize a sites HTML, CSS and Javascript. Microsoft have built on Napa further and released a browser IDE called Monaco.

I’m not sure where Microsoft is going to go with Monaco, I doubt it will take over your desktop IDE anytime soon. They say that they have certain scenarios where it would be useful, such as making a quick edit to a site when your away from your main desktop. I could see this being used on iPads or tablets where installing a desktop version is impossible. It will be interesting to see where it goes in the future.

I have curated some videos from MSDN’s Channel 9 on these subjects which should bring you up to speed.

The first is an overview of the new features in Visual Studio 2013 from the Visual Studio launch event. Dan Fernandez and Habib Heydarian take use through features such as:

  • 64 bit Edit an continue
  • Async Debugging
  • ADO.Net/EF connection resiliency
  • Multi-core JIT improvements
  • Large object heap compaction

The next video is a lap around the new Visual Studio Online IDE called Monaco. It shows a few interesting things like how to enable Monaco on your Azure website and how to integrate your source control with the environment.

Another video on Monaco is Scott Hanselman and Eric Gamma’s video showing Monaco integration with Azure websites, this is worth a watch.

Hope you enjoy watching the videos and it helps to get up to speed with the new stuff being released.

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