Mountain Biking at Aston Hill

I have recently got back into mountain biking and got myself a Trek X-Caliber 7 2014 bike.

2013-11-23 11.01.22First off a quick review of the bike. As you can see it’s a hardtail, I didn’t want to spend £1000’s on a full suspension machine yet.

The bike feels good it’s has the ever popular 29″ wheels but it feels a little on the heavy side for XC use.

Brakes feel good with hydraulic discs all round, I changed the grips and pedals and they were a bit naff. You can see these below:

2013-11-29 14.38.48

I decided I wanted to do a little downhill riding with so I took it first to Aston Hill trails which is about an hour drive from me and then I took it to a place called Warley which is about a 20-30 minute drive.  At Warley I got a little ambitious with some of the jumps and stacked it a few time. I was disappointed to find that after that session I had a buckled front wheel and a bent rear derailer.  I had to order a new front wheel but I managed to fix the derailer.  I would have thought a £600 “Mountain Bike” would be able to sustain this punishment but maybe I was being a little naive.

However I filmed some of the downhill stuff at Aston Hill which you can see below.  I also filmed some the the crashes at Warley which I will post once I have uploaded.

One thought on “Mountain Biking at Aston Hill

  1. Trek makes nice bikes. This is more a trail bike. You have 100mm suntour forks that will not handle a thrashing off big jumps. You could upgrade to better forks with more travel.

    Enjoy the ride 🙂

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