Started new educational journey.

A few years back I started studying with The Open University and I thought it would be a good idea to aim for a BSc Hons degree in Computer Science as my working background is obviously software development. I started off quite well but the course contents wasn’t really challenging me as I have learnt most of it over the last 10-15 years of working in the industry. Never the less I cracked on with three courses and got a pass on all three despite being really slack with studying and keeping up with assignments and exams. I basically winged it through solely on my software development background.

I had 90 credits towards my 360 needed for an honours degree so I signed up for another two courses. The problem was the motivation for learning the material had completely gone, I found none of it challenging and wasn’t learning a great deal apart from a few little bits about Java that I didn’t know. However I still had to put in the hours to complete the assignments and felt that my time would be much better spent learning up to date content that would actually help in my day to day work. Consequently I dropped out the next two courses and gave up on my degree.

A couple of years passed and I have lately found a love for science and maths and wanted to further my education in these subjects. I looked towards the Open University again and decided to begin a new journey learning something that was completely unrelated to my day to day work (apart from some math I use in programming). Unfortunately I couldn’t transfer my completed credits over to the new subject so I am right back at square one with a new level one science course that gives me 60 credits.

The new course S104 Exploring Science is already challenging me and I am actually enjoying learning the material. So hopefully with a lot of time and dedication I will achieve the 360 credits needed for the new BSc Hons Maths and Physics degree.

I am learning a lot of university maths at the moment alongside the course material to prepare me for the level 2 and 3 maths modules, I have even purchased a top of the range TI –Nspire CX CAS calculator (yes a calculator, remember those?).

The course officially starts this weekend but I have been studying the material for a couple of weeks now and have already completed question one of the first assignment TMA01. Just hope I keep up the momentum.

If there is anything to take from this post then unless you are studying for a qualification that will further your career then try to study something completely unrelated to your day job. It will make the studying easier and less of a chore when you are learning something new all the time.

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