Glimpse Web Debugger with .Net 3.5 and SharePoint 2010

I started looking at the excellent web debugging tool called Glimpse that works a little like Firebug but also allows you an insight into what is happening on the server side.

Glimpse works great with .Net 4.0 but I started thinking about using it with SharePoint 2010 and also creating a plugin that displays SharePoint specific information that could be useful in debugging a custom SharePoint application.

My First port of call was to download the Glimpse source code and try to back port the core module to .Net 3.5. When I had this working I plugged it into a SharePoint site and made some configuration entries and had Glimpse up and running with SharePoint.

I have now created the beginnings of a SharePoint plugin that I will be working on and I wanted to get some feedback on what information would be useful for people to see in the SharePoint tab. Please feel free to leave some suggestions here or drop me an email.

Here is a screenshot showing Glimpse working with SharePoint (.Net 3.5) and the beginnings of a SharePoint plugin.

2 thoughts on “Glimpse Web Debugger with .Net 3.5 and SharePoint 2010

  1. Hi Lee,
    This looks pretty cool. I am a seasoned web dev and familiiar with Glimpse very well. However, i just started with SharePoint 2010 and quickly got interested in using Glimpse with it. You mentioned that you created a plug-in yourself. Do you have details surrounding it? Do you keep your bits public? I’d love to create a fully fledge plug-in for SharePoint developers.

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