SharePoint site I’ve been working on for the last few months is now live.

Thomson Reuters has been a client of mine for around 18 months now and In that time I’ve worked on lots of stuff from WCF web services to encapsulate some of their data feeds for consumption in websites and graphics creation packages to content managed websites and graphics hosting and creation SharePoint sites.

The latest project I worked on was a public facing SharePoint (MOSS 2007) web content management system. The goal of the site was to provide a content management platform for editorial to use, which would allow them to quickly create multimedia driven websites focused on a particular subject such as frontier markets in the first instance.

Thomson Reuters released a new website called Reuters Insider which the Special Report site we built is designed to complement but more focused on a particular subject. The site employs some standard functionality seen on most websites nowadays like tagging/tag clouds, comments, search, RSS feeds etc.

Take a look and would welcome any feedback:

2 thoughts on “SharePoint site I’ve been working on for the last few months is now live.

  1. Well done Lee.

    One of the best Sharepoint public facing websites I have seen, certainly better than the stuff we worked on together (but I won’t name names!).

    Semantically looks really clean too – either Sharepoint got really good, or you really managed to beat this puppy into shape!

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