Installed Snow Leopard and still 8GB not supported

As an update to my blog post yesterday I have installed OSX Snow Leopard today and retried my MacBook with 8GB RAM and still no joy.  Think this is ridiculous from Apple and they should release a statement to say whether 8GB of RAM will ever be supported on these machines or not.

Looks like I’m sticking with 6GB for the time being anyway.

2 thoughts on “Installed Snow Leopard and still 8GB not supported

  1. Thanks for this. I’ve been engaged in speculation over at as to whether or not Snow Leopard might fix the 6-but-not-8-GB barrier. At least now I know for a fact that 8GB still won’t work, and I can go ahead with buying just one 4GB SODIMM to add 2GB to.

  2. Leopard and even Tiger, I believe, supported 8GB RAM, so the culprit is somewhere other than software. To my knowledge, the 6GB limit on UB Macbooks is due to the chipset. It’s possible that it might be fixed through a firmware update, but I think that’s unlikely, at this point….

    To the above commenter: I would strongly suggest not installing a 4GB module alongside a 2GB module. There are many instability issues which may come about due to mismatched sticks, and as a result it’s always recommended to have two sticks of identical capacity. There are some 3GB modules available, but they can get expensive… meaning you might be stuck with 4GB, unfortunately.

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