Setting a Site’s locale in SharePoint using SPLocale class.

A requirement I came across recently was to write a tool to set a site’s locale from US to UK using the object model.  Because I potentially needed to do this for hundreds of sites I opted to write a small command line tool that can be scripted to help with the task.

Below is an overview of how to use the SPLocale class to set the Locale of a site.  I have also provided download links for the compiled command line tool and its source code for you to take a look at.

First thing we need to do is grab an instance of the site:

SPSite site = new SPSite(“localhost”);


Next thing we do is get a collection of all the web sites under your site:


SPWebCollection webCollection = site.AllWebs;


We can now interate over this collection and set the Locale property to your new locale which will be an instance of the CultureInfo class. We create a new instance of the CultureInfo class by passing the new Locale’s LCID value to it’s constructor.


foreach (SPWeb web in webCollection)


      web.Locale = new System.Globalization.CultureInfo(2057);




Thats basically all there is to it.




Excecutable –


Source Code –


Example of command line:  SPSiteLocale.exe set http://localhost 2057



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