Downgrading iPod Touch 1.1.2 and installing iPhone apps

This Christmas Santa brought me a nice 16GB iPod Touch which I’ve been after for a while now. Out of the box the iPod Touch is brilliant it does everything you would expect of an iPod and more, however the geek in me wanted to see if there was any third party applications that I could install. After searching around the net for a while I came across which basically installs and application that allows you to download and install third party apps straight from your iPod Touch. Great I thought but there was one problem, my iPod came out the box with version 1.1.2 of the firmware and wouldn’t allow me to install the AppSnap application.

After more searching around I settled on the fact that I needed to downgrade my firmware to version 1.1.1 if I was going to jailbreak the iPod. There is a way to upgrade back to firmware 1.1.2 after jailbreaking your iPod but I didn’t see the point as there wasn’t much difference between the two versions plus I read a few places that certain application wouldn’t work with version 1.1.2 anyway.

Below is a step by step guide on how to first downgrade your iPod Touch to version 1.1.1 then install Mail and Maps apps from the iPhone, bear in mind that this is not supported by Apple and I will not be responsible for any damage that happens to your iPod. Also the restore WILL ERASE everything on your iPod and restore it to it’s factory settings.

One more thing to note is this step by step guide is being done on a Mac so certain steps may be slightly different for Windows, but any half tech savvy user should be able to make it work on Windows.

My iPod Touch looked like this out of the box, as you can see version 1.1.2 of the firmware is installed.

  • The first thing you need to do is to download firmware 1.1.1 to your computer, the file is around 150Mb. You can get it from here:,1_1.1.1_3A110a_Restore.ipsw
  • The next step is to connect your iPod Touch to your computer with the USB cable.
  • Open up iTunes if it’s not open already (I’m using version 7.5) and on the main iPod screen hold down the Option key on Mac and click Restore. You should get an Open File dialog from which you can select the 1.1.1 version of the firmware you downloaded earlier.
  • iTunes should now extract your firmware and begin restoring your iPod, follow the on screen instructions and wait until your iPod is fully restored and shows back up in iTunes with version 1.1.1. Don’t worry if the restore errors just keep trying it and it will eventually work. After your iPod is fully restored you should see the new firmware installed from the settings -> about menu.

  • On your iPod open Safari, navigate to , scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click Install AppSnap. Safari should now close itself, the application should install and the iPod should then restart itself.
  • Once your iPod has restarted you should see an extra application on your springboard called Installer. From here you can start installing third party applications direct to your iPod.

Now your iPod is open we can begin installing the iPhone apps. Currently only the Mail and Maps applications work on the iPod so i’ll show you how to install these.

  • You need to download the iPhone apps from here to your computer. Once downloaded unzip the files to a folder on your machine.
  • We now need a way to transfer these applications to your iPod we do this by using an SFTP client from out computer. On the Mac I’m using Cyberduck which is a free download.
  • On the iPod we need to install OpenSSH which allows us access to the iPod file system, OpenSSH relies on the BSD Subsystem package so we first need to install this on our iPod. Open the Installer app on your iPod and goto Install. Click All Packages and scroll down to BSD Subsystem. Click on Install and wait for the package to be installed.
  • Now we have the BSD Subsystem installed we can install OpenSSH so do the same as above but scroll down to the OpenSSH package and install that.
  • Open up Cyberduck or whatever SFTP client you are using and connect to your iPod’s IP address which can be found by going to Settings -> WiFi and clicking the little blue icon next to your wireless connection. The username and password you need to use is: username = root, password = alpine.
  • Now you have an open SFTP connection to your iPod you can begin copying the iPhone files across. Start with copying the GMM.Framework folder to /System/Library/Frameworks/
  • Now copy the to the /Applications/ folder.
  • We now need to open an SSH connection to your iPod so we can alter the permission settings for If you’re on Mac simply open a Terminal window and type

    SSH [enter your iPods IP address] –l root

    You will be prompted to enter a password, enter alpine and press enter.

  • Now enter the command:

    Chmod a+x /Applications/

    After a restart the Maps application should now work.

  • Now to install Mail you need to copy MobileMailSettings.bundle to /System/Library/PreferenceBundles/ and to /Applications.
  • Now to set the permissions for Mail we need to SSH onto the iPod again and run the following command:

    Chmod R a+x /Applications/*

And thats it! Now you should have Maps and Mail running on your iPod plus be able to download some great third party apps from the Installer application.

69 thoughts on “Downgrading iPod Touch 1.1.2 and installing iPhone apps

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  2. HELP!!!
    when i download the 1.1.1 software and try to update onto my ipod i can’t select the whole file. it will only allow me to select a file from inside the folder.
    i need help as to how to install the whole thing, im using a mac by the way.

    plz HELP!!!

  3. HELP!!!
    when i download the 1.1.1 software and try to update onto my ipod i can’t select the whole file. it will only allow me to select a file from inside the folder.
    i need help as to how to install the whole thing, im using a mac by the way.

    so can anyone please help me

  4. where can you go to return it to 1.1.2. instead of 1.1.1.? What are the diffrences to these 2???????????? Please answer! thanks

  5. windows
    to install 1.1.1 on the touch in itunes, instead of holding down the option key (mac), hold down ctrl +shift and click restore. the open file box appears.

  6. Actually there are a couple of good reason to go back to 1.1.2

    First is that this gives the Calendar app ‘Add Event’ functionality, without which it is pretty much useless. You can hack it in 1.1.1, but there will be bugs.

    Second is that version 1.1.1 of the IPhone apps don’t work very well on IPod Touch. They require the Chmod tweak and Mail crashes all the time. It’s better to get the 1.1.2 versions from Bittorrent and install them on your 1.1.2 firmwared Touch. These work without any alteration.

  7. Hmm, I’m having problems with “SSH [enter your iPods IP address] –l root”. I can enter it just fine, but the Terminal won’t let me enter a password. Any suggestions?

  8. Heyy umm …will all my songs, movies and photos be deleted when I download 1.1.1 … I have 1.1.2 right now. I am using windows not mac. Please help me. Thx

  9. Jack I’m not sure why you can’t select the whole fie. Make sure that the file ends with a .ipsw extension. iTunes should allow you to select .ipsw files and the link I provided to the 1.1.1 firmware points to the complete file.

  10. My Name: You can upgrade back to 1.1.2 by selecting Update in iTune on the iPod home screen.

    As for the differences between two version, as far as I can gather the only major difference is the ability to add & edit calendar items from the iPod in version 1.1.2.

  11. Open SSH App is not listed in the “All Packages” section of installer any more. Has it been removed from the source? And if so, how can I rectify this?


  12. when i open terminal and ssh to the ipod touch… i use alpine as the password and is get back “Permission denied, please try again.”

  13. can anyone tell me what the program name is when you click ctrl and shift then hit restore. what is the file name you want to open.

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  15. Hi,
    I’ve never used terminal before trying this, I am getting the following error message : unknown0016cbbd1fed:~
    Sean$ SSH [] -|root
    -bash: root: command not found
    SSH: []: No address associated with nodename

    can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? cheers

  16. hi i changed the extension to.ispw and every time i try to restore a error message occurs that says: error 1408 and it will then delete the file restore.ispw i really dont know what i need to do.

  17. if the file doesnt end in ipsw, can we rename it, when I downloaded it it ended in zip, so I had the same problem as jack. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I’m having trouble keeping up with the comments in this blog as I’m really snowed under with work at the moment. However I’ll try to answer as many questions below.

    Also just to note I have had people telling me that restoring is not working and their iPod is now ruined. As far as I know there is no way to ruin your iPod with this technique, the worst thing that could happen is you need to restore the latest firmware and lose all your data, it will simply be a matter of going into iTunes and selecting Restore.

    @Josh: The file you are looking for is the one with the .ipsw extension it should start iPod something.

    Also if alpine is not working you may have a version of the firmware before 1.1.1 in that case the password will be dottie

    @Sean: you need to leave a space between the -l and root and also leave out the square brackets so in your instance the command line would be the following:

    SSH -l root

    @John dear: The extension should be .ipsw not .ispw

    @ Ryan: Yes you need to rename the file to .ipsw

    Also another not is that the download links are not maintained by myself therefore if the files change I or get removed then you will need to find them from another source.

    Hope this helps a little guys.

  19. Having installed all apps that you want and are happy, is there a way to then upgrade the fireware to 1.1.2 without losing your installed apps?

    WRT the sources, they are working again and Open SSH along with a whole host of other apps are now available.

  20. keep getting “permission denied, please try again” with both alpine and dottie in the terminal window for SSH. everything up to that point works great. any suggestions?

  21. i got lucky but for oprah guys when the error 1403 is comming upp it means that the file does not exist xD
    well that is because the file is not downloaded yet:D
    try to wait a cupple of minutes and try again:O i am sure it will work now

  22. First of all, thank you. All of you. After a number of tries and a slew of websites, this page got me nearly all the way there. My one remaining question is around the permissions setting.
    when i type
    chmod R a+x /Applications/*
    chmod r a+x /Applications/*
    I get
    chmod: invalid file mode: r

    If I leave off the r, it seems to accept the command (whatever that is) but my mail app does not work.

    Any suggestions?

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  24. I had tried to downgrade my ipod to 1.1.1. but my computer said it had to upgrade it first so i stupidly said yes. So do you have a idea where i can find a place to downgrade it to a 1.1.2?

  25. Heyo :]

    I did it ❤

    After I hack my iPod, I know that the warranty is void. If I restore my iPod to default settings [restore it on iTunes] would all traces of the jailbreak dissapear?

    Just wanna make sure… I paid 100 extra bucks to extend my warranty

  26. Actually, I just Realized that I am running 1.1.3, so that might be the problem. Does anyone know how to downgrade from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1?

  27. i have downloaded the 1.1.1 firmware but when trying to restore my ipod to it it goes through the prepare stage and extracts the files etc but then an unknown error 1602 occurs……anyone know how to sort this??

  28. First of all, thank you. All of you. After a number of tries and a slew of websites, this page got me nearly all the way there. My one remaining question is around the permissions setting.
    when i type
    chmod R a+x /Applications/*
    chmod r a+x /Applications/*
    I get
    chmod: invalid file mode: r

    If I leave off the r, it seems to accept the command (whatever that is) but my mail app does not work.

    Any suggestions?

    I dont know if you have fixed this but I just came across this site and it should actually be -R not just “R” by itself… needs the dash in front

  29. I have trouble trying to download the app using installer with my ipohne. When I try to install the app, it says error : package download failed. What happen???

  30. here is the code for the mail if you cant put it together
    i give credit to brad for finding this out
    but im just putting it here for the
    “smart challenged” people
    this also allows mobilenotes to work and probably the other iphone apps
    i havent tried to install those yet
    chmod -R a+x /Applications/*

  31. hii lee
    i was juss wondering if u can help me find the tweaks 1.1.1 on my ipod touch.i already tried to find it in the installer>install but i can only find tweaks n now i cant download anything on my ipod touch soo plzz help, i really appreciate it thnx in advanced

  32. how many times do i try for my ipod to downgrade to 1.1.1 and does it also work when you r downgrading 1.1.4 to 1.1.1

  33. i tried a million times someone told me the firmware used by iphone and ipod touch is the same so when i tried to restore my ipod with a iphone firmware the screen went white and now wen i connect to itunes it shows that i have connected an iphone in recovery mode

  34. Hey i try to look for the Firmware dowgrade 1.1.1 for the iPOd Touch but i can’t find it can someone email it to me at

    Please i need it like in a day cuz…something plese email it to me

  35. listen everyone I’ve done this all before, i hacked 4ipod touchs ,and I felt really really awesome but I didn’t want my iPod touch to lose warranty and also it gets more slower than before ,sometimes will happen that saffari won’t open and stuff like that so I’m kind of expert in this, so I think you already heard about restoring pushing the power off/on button and the home button for just 10 sec. But the real real restore that can restore (EVERITHING) is pushing the on/off button and the home button for 30sec.(you’ll have to be connected to your computer , and it happens sometimes that your iPod cannot connect to itunes and your computer doesn’t recognize.and for all cases)it will shut down but it doesn’t care just keep it like that and when 30 sec.have already passed release the off/on button ,but do not release the home button till iTunes tell you something about a “restore iPod” then restore it and ready!!!! Your iPod touch stays perfectly as it was “NEW”. Visit if u have more questions!!! Note:(it will happen sometimes that it cannot restore it at the first time but it will if u keep trying besides it doesn’t take too much time, I did it at the second chance,hope it served u 🙂 :}

  36. ok, im at the part where i have to Shift click the button on my comouter, then when i pull up the desktops section, and click on the link that laoded, it says “an unknown error has occered(1403)



  37. Riley—– Hey Riley im at the same part do u know what to do or did u figure it out like i keep getting the same error

  38. annoymos,


  39. @Freak321 try holding down control and shift, if your using pc. but if its mac hold down option. im not responsible if anything goes wrong

  40. i want make some questions about this work:

    first i will lose all my things on my ipod?

    second will i have any trouble making the procedure?

    third what is the difference in version 1.1.1 and 1.1.2?

    please answer me back..!


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