Learning Objective-C

Since buying a MacBook I have been telling myself I need to get involved with a bit of Cocoa and learning how to write programs for OS X this involved learning a new language – Objecttive-C.

I already have a good grasp on C/C++ and Obj-C is basically just an extention to the C language so I thought it wouldn’t be too hard. I must admit I have taken to it pretty well, and can see the advantages to less strongly typed languages.

I had to get my head around the new method calling syntax which is very similar to smalltalk and the notion that you should think of object orientation in a different way but it’s always good to open your mind up to different paradigms.

Obj-C takes a different view to OO in that instead of always ‘subclassing’ objects you should create new ones and ‘cosume’ existing ones. This is common with less strongly typed languages as far as I can gather and it’s more about what objects know about other objects rather than an inheritance chain that is more common to strongly typed languages.

I bought Cocoa Programming for OS X from amazon because the Apple documentation is more for reference than learning. I’m nearly half way through it in a couple of days so I would definately recommend this book very highly if your looking to learn Cocoa.

Anyway hopefully I’ll be able to post up my first real Cocoa program soon.

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