On Tuesday I attended the first day of Mix UK 07. Sadly I couldn’t attend the second day due to work commitments but I learned enough about Silverlight from the first day to say it’s was a very informative and useful conference.

All the attendees recieved a free 1GB USB stick which contained a slick Mix Reader application for viewing Mix content.
Scott Guthrie hosted the keynote in which we was shown some fantastic demo applications built on Sliverlight 1.1 Alpha.

George Moore who is General Manager for the Windows Live Platform at Microsoft showed us an AventureWorks application built on top of Windows Live QuickApps Beta.

Sentient showed us their http://www.trackme.com/ application which is currently not live yet. TrackMe is a cool Silverlight and Virtual Earth app that hooks into your Windows Live contacts and allows you to track where your friends are, it sends you a text message when your friends are nearby. A cool concept and a good use of Microsoft technology.

EasyJet presented their new holiday website http://holidays.easyjet.com/. EasyJet have teamed up with First Choice to provide their customers with a complete package holiday experience and have developed this great ASP.Net AJAX website that also makes excellent use of the Virtual Earth API.

TwoFour Digital (http://www.twofourdigital.com/) gave us a lookat their new Silverlight media player created to stream government content.

DotNet Solutions (http://www.dotnetsolutions.ltd.uk/main/) showed off their cool Scrum wall Silverlight app which is basically an interactive Scrum wall that allows development teams to manage software projects in their browser. The cool thing about this app was that it uses Microsofts Direct Push technology which allowed the changes in one persons browser to be synced into all other browsers.

Finally Sage showed us a cool (if tax returns can be cool) Silverlight online tax return form.

After the keynote I stayed around for Scott’s session’s on building Silverlight 1.1 applications with .Net. These sessions were very useful and definately pointed me in the right direction to start building my own apps.

The slide from Scott’s sessions can be downloaded over at his blog here

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