Microsoft Partner Action Pack Subscription Update

Last week I recieved the first update to my Microsoft Action Pack Subscription which included Windows Server 2008 Beta 2. The first thing I did was try to install Server 2008 on my Mac using Parallels but for some reason I couldn’t get the disc to boot.

I thought this could be a problem with Parallels so I switch to my Windows box and fired up Virtual PC 2007. To my suprise the disc wouldn’t boot here also.

After searching around this internet it became apparent that other’s were having a problem with the MAPS discs also. It’s looks like these disc’s just arn’t bootable, so the only option is to download the install from the MS site, not sure what happened here maybe the discs are just upgrade versions?

Also there was a letter within the update pack, informing me that when I come to re-register for my subscription I would have to take a competency exam. Maybe this is to stop people signing up to the partner programme to get an Action Pack subsciption who knows.

Check it out over at

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