Localizing Javascript with ASP.Net AJAX

Last Thursday the guys at VBug ran a talk at Bournemouth University entitled ‘Internationalizating ASP.Net AJAX’. The title was quite interesting to me because I knew about localization with the .Net framework but I wanted to know where the AJAX framework came into it, also I’m currently working in Southampton so I thought I’d go down with a few work colleagues and check it out.

The speaker was Guy Smith-Ferrier who is very knowledgeable on the whole subject of Internationalization and started off with an great overview of how to localize resources for Web or Windows apps using the .Net framework. I knew most of this already so the interesting part for me was when he talked us through localizing strings embedded in Javascript resources using the AJAX framework, because up until now I didn’t even know this was possible.

Guy has uploaded his talk slides onto his blog here, so if your even remotely interested in localization and especially how to localize string in Javascript then I strongly suggest you go check it out.

Just like to say thanks to Guy for a great talk and also for the free book 🙂

3 thoughts on “Localizing Javascript with ASP.Net AJAX

  1. You’re very welcome, Lee, glad you enjoyed it. I find the toughest talks are when there is a wide range of differing skills – the audience ranged from knowledge of .NET, ASP.NET, AJAX and internationalization to no knowledge of any of these and some knowledge of Java. I thought it was quite a challenge so I’m glad you found the AJAX part useful – sorry about the first part though – I think that bit was necessary for everyone else. If you’re interested in this kind of thing I’ve done a few webcasts on internationalization that you can get links to from my site (check out the Resources page).

  2. Hey Guy Smith-Ferrier,
    I am doing a project in .net 2005. I need to upgrade my project in Internationalization which I did major part now am looking for some help to upgrade my JavaScript area.This project has wide ranges of JavaScript i.e Calendar,Alert,confirm,Dialouge Box and so on….U seems have knowledge in this area.Can I ask you for some help?

    Thanks in anticipation.
    Cheers !!

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